Partner Schools

Seth M.R Japuria School- Lucknow
Dhruv Academy ,Sangamner
Maharaja Agarsen Public School - Lucknow
Brain O Brain – Lucknow
Holi Home Convent – Lucknow
Bapu Montessori High school – Lucknow
Mother Teresa Montessori School – Lucknow
Sishu Shishka Mandir – Lucknow
K.R open Heart High School- Lucknow
Montessori Balak Mandir Prathamik vibhag - Aurangabad
Creative Kids – Aurangabad
Bhaskaracharya Vidhya Niketan- Aurangabad
Bhaskar Acharya English High School- Aurangabad
Saint Meera English High School- Aurangabad
Riverdale High School- Aurangabad
K.G Seksaria English High school – Aurangabad
MGM Sanskar Vidyalaya – Aurangabad
MGM First Step School – Aurangabad
MGM Clover Day School – Aurangabad
Jaints Vidya Mandir – Aurangabad
Royal House Public School – Aurangabad
21. Chate School – Aurangabad
K.G Seksaria Sarvodiya School- Mumbai
Ryan International School-Mumbai
St. Jones High School- Mumbai
Aleais Sarval English High School - Mumbai
Growing Wings International- Allahabad
अपने बालकों को केवल पढ़ायें लिखायें ही नहीं, उन्हें एक अच्छा मनुष्य भी बनायें क्योंकि अच्छाई उनकी पहली आवश्यकता हैLiterary education is of no value, if it is not able to build up a sound character. ~ Swami Vivekanandनैतिक शिक्षा का महत्व स्कूली शिक्षा से कहीं अधिक है, स्कूली शिक्षा न होनेसे मनुष्य में मनुष्यता का अभाव नहीं होता परन्तु नैतिक शिक्षा न होने से मनुष्य पशु के समान हो जाता है। - महात्मा गाँधीWe are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary.Thoughts live; they travel far. ~ Swami VivekanandYou cannot believe truly in God, Until you believe in yourself. ~ Swami VivekanandThe more we come out and do good to others, the more our heart will be purified, and God will be in it. ~ Swami VivekanandReformers wanted for themselves, not for others. ~ Swami RamtirthaDesire to serve, not to get rewardIt’s good to see a man proud of his country, but It’s great to see a life on which the country can be proud ofFor service "ME" first, for convenience "YOU" firstIt is not enough to talk about ideal society, one must believe in it , & it isn't enough to believe in it, one must work for itPersonality can open doors, but only Character can keep them openभूल कभी हो जाये तो ठीक है, परन्तु भूल करने की आदत नहीं पड़नी चाहियेBe the change, you want to see in the world. M.K. Gandhiसत्य बोलना स्वाभाविक है, परन्तु असत्य बोलने में श्रम है | - महात्मा गाँधीयदि आपमें श्रेष्ठता है तो उसे अपने आचरण में प्रदर्शित होने दीजिये Our real character is judged by the deed we perform when we think nobody is looking uponYour life to others should always manifest the better possible way to live in this world, This is the only legacy worth possessingWork Smarter, Not Just HarderThe only way to get a friend, is Be a friendWhatever you are, Be a good oneNobody is Perfect, That’s why Pencils have ErasersChildren must be taught how to think, not what to thinkPrice is what you pay, values is what you getReal Education is the ability to listen to almost any thing without loosing your temper or your self confidence>